Kerala Association of Delaware Valley is a non-profit cultural organization established with the aim of bringing all the Malayalee's of Delaware Valley together to serve the social, cultural and educational needs of the Malayalee community.

Through meticulously organized cultural, social, educational and sporting activities Kerala Association of Delaware Valley adds value to the society thereby achieving high level of social interaction and social awareness in the community. For the younger generation, we pass on the cultural heritage, tradition, the rarely cherished legacy and values while they are integrating in to the American culture. We celebrate social and religious festivals traditionally celebrated in our home land to keep alive our strong bond with Kerala. 



The aim of Kerala Association of Delaware Valley is to preserve, promote, and nurture the special culture and linguistic heritage of the Malayalees; to foster understanding, friendship, goodwill and appreciation between Malayalee Community and various cross-sections of diverse American communities through cultural exchange and bi-lateral Socio-economic engagements; to increase cross cultural understanding and promote cultural diversity.



Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Chair Person - Anoop Nair.

Secretary - Divya Padikkal

Treasurer - Seema Raman 

Board Members:

Chanchal Kokkuvayil

Joshy Paul

Rahiman Kooleri Valiya Purayil

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Executive Committee


President: Rajeevan Cheriyan

Vice President: Rajesh Raghavan 

General Secretary: Vijesh Velappan 

Joint Secretary: Shaju Nandakumaran

Treasurer: Biju Francis

Committee Members:

Jain Mathew

Sreerag Mohan

Rajish Kumar

Bijoy Mathunni

Sujesh Kandy

Gananand Mattankot Kallat

Saji Gopal

Vijay Roshan

Vidya Parameswaran